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Mayhem Productions is a Vibrant Non-Profit  Social Enterprise Aiming to Promote DJS from Across the UK. We are 100% Dedicated to New Talent Mayhem Live is our Online Promotion Channel were DJS have the Platform & Studio they Need to get them Self s Heard in a Ever Growing Industry. Our Team & Studio has Helped People to Relaunch their Music Carers and Quite a New Newcomers to Build up their Skills where as before they wouldn’t have been Able to Due to the Lack of Industry Standard Tools.

KOS 2017


KOS 2017

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KOS 2017

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Above are just Some of the Highly Talented DJ’s and Artists that we have the Pleasure of Showcasing on a Weekly Basis. If you Would like to Become Part of this List and have what it takes to WOW Some of the Biggest Audiences the Industry has to Offer then send us a Demo and Brief Bio of Yourself. We are Currently Looking to Expand our Database and do have Airtime Available Currently so what are you Waiting for you Could be Soon part of the Expanding Talented Mayhem Crew.

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