Mayhem live broadcasting live 24/7 world wide in full HD sounds 320 KBPS Show casing the Skills fro DJS around the the world with one of the best Residency DJ lineup hitting the air waves Mayhem Productions is one of the fastest rising networks Mayhem live built by the DJS and ran by the DJS

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Mayhem Live : UK GMT

07:00 GMTMr MayhemDB1Kos4life
08:00 GMTMr MayhemDB1Kos4life
09:00 GMTDj Fixation
10:00 GMTDj FixationDj Stefanos
11:00 GMTDj Stefanos
12:00 GMTMiss MuzieMiss MuzieAshley Lawton
13:00 GMT Miss MuzieMiss MuzieAshley Lawton
14:00 GMT Tony ClarkTony Clark
15:00 GMTTony ClarkTony Clark
16:00 GMTJohn The Baptist
17:00 GMTDj Lenny pDj Lenny pDj Lenny pDj Lenny pMatty BrownJohn The Baptist
18:00 GMTDj Lenny pDj Lenny pDj Lenny pDj Lenny pMatty Brown Dj Barred
19:00 GMTOldskool ChrisNathan WelshPaul GSteWintDj ChunkDj BarredAndy Hall
20:00 GMTOldskool ChrisNathan WelshDj SweeneeSteWintLady PonchoKos4lifeDj Play
21:00 GMTSi BurtronGouchyDj SweeneeAdy Carter Just Blue BarJust Blue BarDJ DB1
22:00 GMTSi BurtronDj LiteThe Unit The UnitJust Blue BarJust Blue BarDJ BD1
23:00 GMTDan MacDj TordyClub StarlightClub Status
00:00 GMTDan MacDj TordyClub StarlightClub Status
01:00 GMTDan MacDj TordyClub StarlightClub Status
02:00 GMTClub StarlightClub Status

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Mayhem Live  Time Slots Available on a 30 Day Roll on Roll of Subs Bases £20 Per Month. All Subs are Spent on Running Costs
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